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Buy Now Chairos

Buy Now Chairos


Bold fashion

Presenting CHAIROS Desire - the cynosure of all eyes. The stylish purple strap and black dial with applied indices makes CHAIROS Desire a sure head turner. The heart of this beauty is a powerful Swiss made Ronda chronograph movement and boasts a great value-add of anti-reflective coating (AR coating) on its flat sapphire crystal glass - enhancing the dial’s clarity by reducing glare and improving its cosmetic look.

MRP : INR 64,850

CHAIROS® Emerald

Your precious moment

Chairos Emerald watch is designed with a green bezel ring, which augments a trendy look for your persona. A two-layer dial display with a stylish pattern, projects a striking look. The scratch proof sapphire crystal glass adds to its preciousness. Emerald is powered by Swiss made Ronda movement and has a water resistance up to a level of 50 meters.

MRP : INR 65,950

CHAIROS® Lilac (Metal Strap)

Purple rain

CHARIOS® Lilac is your veritable fashion accessory. This limited-edition watch throbs with a Swiss-made movement. With grey printing rays on white dial and round crystal fitted in square bullet applied indices, there cannot be more glamour added to the entire set up.

Lilac’s high-grade stainless steel strap enhances its class.

MRP : INR 64,450

CHAIROS® Torque (Gents and Ladies)

A new force

CHARIOS® Torque (Gents and Ladies) is a brand-new force to reckon with. It’s astounding features like ridged rotating bezel, beige colour nylon strap with quick release spring bars, and a perfect Swiss made movement adds more life to your persona.

What’s more, you can be assured of high-quality components and state-of-the-art design standards. The quick release spring bars in Torque help the users change the watch straps easily.

MRP (Gents): INR 65,450
MRP (Ladies): INR 64,850


Born to lead

CHAIROS® Alpha (Stainless steel variant) is characterised by luxury styling and technical precision of the highest standards. With our unending commitment and devotion for creating signature designs, we proudly present this state-of-the-art timepiece.

Alpha by Chairos is designed for born leaders. This immaculate timepiece is furnished with a double layered dial, with the top layer showcasing attractive eye rings. It is encased with a durable and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass which makes it water resistant up to 50 meters. To top it all, Swiss Ronda movement forms the heart of the watch. Alpha's class is further enhanced by the high-quality, corrosion resistant surgical grade stainless steel bracelet.

MRP (SS): INR 66,950


Purple rain

The CHAIROS® Lilac (Leather Strap) is your veritable fashion accessory. This limited-edition watch throbs with a Swiss-made movement. With grey printed rays on the white dial, round crystal fitted in square bullets applied indices, there cannot be more glamour added to the entire set up.

Chairos Lilac comes with a high-quality genuine leather strap.

MRP (LS): INR 64,450


Precision & power

CHAIROS Sniper personifies precision and power with its certified mechanical movement. Sniper is powered with Swiss-made Ronda movement and high-quality durable sapphire crystal glass. Sniper exhibits an immaculate state-of-the -art design. With ridged rotating bezel and rose gold plated case, this power-packed men's watch is a sure head-turner.

MRP : INR 65,950


The last mile

The CHARIOS® Sprint is your reliable companion for success in life. For the first time, Chairos presents stylish leather straps with quick release spring bars allowing you to change the straps easily. Chairos Sprint has a water resistance up to 50 meters and is equipped with a two-layer designer dial pattern, state-of-the-art Swiss made movement and tough sapphire crystal glass.

MRP : INR 66,450

Chairos® Chrono+

Break the limits

Powered by a Swiss made Ronda Chronograph movement and an intriguing multi-step press pattern dial, the Chairos Chrono+ oozes sporty confidence. With indices fixed at the top of the dial, one cannot but marvel the state-of-the-art looks of this timepiece. Available in two designs – blue dial and yellow dial, with dotted-style genuine leather straps.

MRP (Blue Dial): INR 65,850

MRP (Yellow Dial): INR 65,850

Chairos® Voyager

Time traveler

The CHAIROS Voyager is your new reliable timekeeper and travel mate. This timepiece is equipped with a dual time zone feature and an immaculate rose gold-plated case. The amazing dual time zone feature allows you to set a ‘home’ time zone for quick reference. The blue index on the dial is used as a reference, and the ring with different cities’ names can be rotated to set it to ‘home’ zone. And what’s more, the croco pattern leather strap enhances your fashion quotient.

MRP: INR 65,850

Chairos® Signature Cardinal

The principle of excellence

The Chairos Signature Cardinal watch features a Swiss made automatic movement which operates by the continuous motion of the wearer’s wrist, so that no battery nor winding is needed if worn regularly. These movements are typically more aesthetically designed compared to other movements. Adorned with the brilliance of diamond hour markers, the Cardinal timepiece is a combination of elegance and functional superiority.

The Cardinal is shielded by a 49 mm stainless steel case and is water resistant up to 50 metres. A scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass, an intriguing black dial and two stainless-steel bracelet options, add to its unrivaled class. CHAIROS Cardinal – an elegant choice for the connoisseur who believes in the cardinal principle of excellence.

MRP (White): INR 181,000

MRP (Black): INR 181,000

Chairos® Signature Opus

Eternally yours

The Opus Couple watch is a high-end luxury timepiece, now being launched under the CHAIROS® Signature premium segment.

This limited edition watch is adorned with the brilliance of diamond hour markers, with its accents and dates in gold and silver – a combination of elegance and functional superiority.

Opus is equipped with a water-resistant cover, withstanding up to 50 metres with the help of its durable and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass. Most importantly, the watch is powered by Swiss-made quartz movement and high-quality components. Indeed, it’s time to make a status statement with Opus, your trustworthy companion. Eternally yours.

MRP (GP): INR 175,000

MRP (SS): INR 176,000

Chairos® Essenza

Essence of life

The class and grace of luxury comes together to give rise to a serene watch in Essenza for Women by CHAIROS®. The elegance of the black stainless steel bracelet, stunning bezel bejeweled by royal purple stones, and the scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass makes this watch set you apart from the ordinary. Powered by a Swiss movement with two micro pushers for setting the date and the 24-hour counter (second time zone), Essenza provides a water resistance of up to 50 metres.

MRP: INR 63,250

Chairos® Amore

Treasure your time together

Celebrate your everlasting love with CHAIROS® Amore couple watches. The essence of love is contained in these two beautiful watches for every extravagant couple. Dark blue leather straps adorn the Chairos® Amore, holding its silver stainless steel body with a scratch-proof sapphire crystal, which provides a 50 metres water resistance. Sporting a second-counter at 6H position, this timepiece features a silver dial with a steel index of Roman numerals to complete its total appeal. Finally, the Ronda 1069/1064 moment forms the heart of the watch that keeps it ticking.

MRP: INR 114,380

Chairos® Azure Gents and Ladies

Make a deep impression

Designed for both men and women, CHAIROS® Azure watch exhibits optimum class and grace. This elegant and luxurious timepiece features a blue dial, chronograph movement, and stainless-steel case. Its reliable Swiss made movement and three subdials make the Azure very distinct.

With a water resistance of up to 50 metres and bearing an amazing durable, scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass, along with a stainless-steel dual-tone blue and rose-gold-plated bracelet, this classy timepiece is the perfect match to a striking personality.

MRP (Gents): INR 66,380

MRP (Ladies): INR 65,950

Chairos® Florette

Time to blossom

A watch filled with charm, CHAIROS® Florette is the first ladies watch with a floral 3D printed dial. The floral design printed on the face exudes a burst of fresh fashion, while the slim leather band adds a classy finish. Florette’s amazing flat sapphire glass has a water resistance of up to 50 metres. This watch features a mother-of-pearl dial that runs on a Swiss-made movement. This elegant timepiece is available in two stylish designs, with gold plated and stainless-steel cases.

MRP (LS): INR 64,950

MRP (SS): INR 63,950

Chairos® Latitude

Make a big impression

The Latitude by Chairos® is made for the man who works hard and plays harder. Its tough genuine leather strap and rich black stainless-steel case makes this timepiece suitable for formal occasions, while also being built to survive everyday use. This classy timepiece also comes with an appealing and durable stainless-steel dual-tone rose-gold-and-black-plated strap.

Chairos® Latitude is both beautiful and functional, with a unique Retrograde pointer to indicate the day of the week, and an easy-to-read Big Date display on the dial.  

This watch is powered by Swiss quartz movement with chronograph function. It provides a water resistance of up to 50 metres with the help of its durable and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass.

MRP (LS): INR 88,350

MRP (SS): INR 89,720

Chairos® Crusader

Awaken the warrior in you

The Crusader by Chairos® is crafted for the ancient warrior in you. This watch is powered by an automatic Japanese movement, designed and assembled with discipline, precision, and superior craftsmanship. The rose gold-ridged bezel brings class, culture, and confidence into your everyday life.

The durable, scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass gives it a water-resistant cover up to 50 metres. Adding a silver dial and bumping its case size up to 46 millimetres completes its overall appeal. The Crusader has a unique transparent back case that allows you to marvel at the inner workings of the watch.

This functional and aesthetically pleasing timepiece comes with a nifty brown genuine soft leather strap and a classy stainless-steel dual-toned strap.

MRP (LS): INR 109,300

MRP (SS): INR 112,350

Chairos® Racer

Gear up, blaze ahead

For the spirited man that speeds through life, The Racer delivers a class of its own. With its sportive chronograph face resembling that of a race car dashboard, be prepared not only for the look but also for the feel. Where high-speed racing meets the precision of world-class Swiss movement; The Racer timepiece exudes fortitude and vigour, with a bold stainless steel red bezel and a tenacious stainless steel metal strap.

Available in sleek black and white designs, enjoy Chairos® Racer for different occasions of the day, whilst celebrating the new dawn of the racing sport in India. Take your life onto the fast lane and release the inner racer within.

Also available in Stainless Steel.

MRP: INR 60,580

Chairos® Aquatica

Ahead of the wave

Inspired by the wondrous might of the ocean, Chairos® Aquatica grants you the power to track your active lifestyle, with a dual-tone blue and rose gold plated body, chronograph functionality, and a dial embellished with three unique contrasting eyes. The durable and scratch-proof sapphire crystal makes it water resistant to up to 50 meters. The sporty and smooth blue leather strap evokes an aquatic feel, making it a fantastic fashion statement that embraces precision and high-performance, suited for the on-the-go lifestyle.

A dazzling and opulent CHAIROS® Aquatica SS comes with a dual-tone blue-and-black-plated stainless-steel strap that adds to its robust charm. With Chronograph functionality, the dial is embellished with three unique contrasting eyes. The durable and scratch-proof sapphire crystal makes it water resistant up to 50 metres.

MRP (LS): INR 64,450

MRP (SS): INR 66,270

Chairos® Diva

Statement of beauty and grace for women

A Dazzling timepiece with black-grey dial enhances the beauty and grace of the modern women. It has a stunning stainless steel case with IPG yellow gold plating and a premium quality genuine leather strap in black. Chairos® Diva comes with an additional set of genuine leather straps. The durable and scratch proof sapphire crystal glass gives it a water-resistant cover up to 50 metres.

MRP: INR 29,980

Chairos® Exagon

Stylish timepieces specially crafted for men

Adventure is your kryptonite; it beckons you like a moth to the flame. High in the mountains, under the seas, or a night out on the town, the Exagon watch is a worthy companion for all adventures. The mystery of the future is perfectly counterbalanced by the precision of now with the Exagon-the handsome new timepiece ideal for a man of action and sophistication.

Available in Rose Gold and Steel.

MRP: INR 65,260

Chairos® LaBelle

For the woman with substance

Athletic style, exquisite taste for an active woman’s lifestyle, calls for a watch that matches her strength, her grace and her aspirations. For the utmost in manufacturing excellence and effortless and sporty feminine charm, the Chairos® LaBelle says it all and is made available in four unique and enduring styles so that you can choose the perfect look for you. This is a tasteful symbol of your success, a sports-inspired luxury watch that makes a stunning fashion statement.

Dial Options: White or Pink

Strap Options: Stainless Steel or Leather

MRP: INR 63,410

Chairos® Lynette

Timeless elegance

Combining a precious piece of jewellery with the Swiss-movement functionality, the Chairos® Lynette sets the par for a whole new league of fashion accessory. With its classic but chic demeanour, every part of this exquisite timepiece has something for you. Flaunting a bezel encrusted in stunning Swarovski crystals, and a dial of deep blue, its beauty is accentuated by the modern touch of a black ceramic bracelet, adding to the grace of a woman with class. Made for special occasions, enjoy this practical but charming addition to your wardrobe.

MRP: INR 89,510

Chairos® Maya

Stylish timepieces specially crafted for women

Making a style statement, Maya is crafted to amplify feminine charm. Maya is a multi-function watch and has a scratch resistant sapphire quoted glass. This timepiece has a water resistance of 165 ft. and is powered with Swiss quartz movement. The superior quality silicon rubber strap gives a soft and gentle feel on the wrist.

Dial Options: White or Black

MRP: INR 61,710

Chairos® Starlet

Classic timepiece specially crafted for the rising star

A dazzling watch for women, boasts a trendy circular white dial that elegantly sports the brand name. The CHAIROS® Starlet is adorned with a durable white genuine leather strap. Undoubtedly, the watch gives a polished and uber cool look! The durable and scratch proof sapphire crystal glass gives it a water resistant cover up to 50 metres. The Starlet comes with an additional set of genuine leather straps. Wear your choice whenever required.

MRP: INR 29,,980

Chairos® Wizard

Timepiece for men… rediscover the magic in you!

A brilliant chronograph watch with an incredible design pattern that features a black dial decorated with an applied index in Roman characters. Wizard’s sturdy construction includes a stainless steel case with stainless steel bracelet. The durable and scratch proof sapphire crystal glass gives it a water-resistant cover up to 50 meters.

Also avilable in Gold Plating (GP), with an immaculate leather strap.

MRP Wizard (SS): INR 32,370

MRP Wizard (GP): INR 31,120

Chairos® Alpine Neo SS

Rise above the ordinary

The Alpine Neo by CHAIROS® marks the dawn of a new age of watches. Chairos Alpine Neo boasts a stylish and subtle design crafted exclusively to celebrate the versatility one personifies.

Inspired by the grandiose beauty of the Swiss Alps, the CHAIROS® Alpine Neo chronograph watch is built for the adventure-driven soul. It dons a dual-tone steel and rose gold-plated stainless-steel bracelet.

It also showcases a dark brown leather strap that complements the two-toned steel and rose gold-plated bezel and case. The signature scratchproof sapphire crystal provides water resistance of up to 50 metres, which protects its Swiss-made movement function.

MRP (SS): INR 64,940

MRP (LS): INR 63,850

SILVER MIST (Men and Women)

Your silver lining

Designed with the motivated man and woman in mind, CHAIROS® Silver Mist Men’s and Women’s watch uplifts lustrous and efficient style to a whole new level. The silver steel case and blue-tone accents make the watch outstanding; while the date function and chronograph dials complete this dynamic piece. It is suitable for all manners of occasion, from business meetings to travel. This watch is powered by a Swiss-made movement with chronograph function. It provides a water resistance of up to 50 metres with the help of its durable and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass. This classy timepiece comes with an attractive and durable stainless-steel dual-tone silver-and-blue-plated bracelet.

MRP (Men): INR 64,950
MRP (Women): INR 64,360


Your classic moment

The CHAIROS® Vector Silicone gives you the key to master time and live your classic moments. A smart, stylish and sporty watch for men, it is fitted with a flexible blue silicone strap for improved flexibility, and is waterproof, lightweight, and very comfortable to wear. It also comes with a stainless-steel dual-tone bracelet, which makes this timepiece very distinct. The blue rope bezel adds an extra touch of elegance to this timepiece and the rose gold rope bezel offers this watch boundless quality. What’s more, with its added feature of a GMT second time zone, you can live in two time zones at once. It has a durable and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass, which provides a water-resistant cover up to 50 metres.

MRP (Silicon Strap): INR 66,770/-

MRP (SS): INR 67,860/-

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